Tomato, chilli, lime soup  +                                                                                                                                                  £4.50

Ham hock croquettes, piccalilli & poached hen egg                                                                                                        £5.95

Salmon spring roll, prawn noodle salad, sweet chilli sauce                                                                                           £5.95

Garlic mushrooms, cream of Stilton sauce & crusty bread                                                                                            £4.95

Tomato caponata bruschetta, dressed mix leafs                                                                                                              £4.50

Tandoori halloumi, onion salad, mint coriander yogurt +                                                                                             £5.50


Main courses:


Freshly battered cod fillet, hand cut chips                                                                                                                                                 

crushed peas & caper & lemon mayo


Brewster's homemade 100 % beef 8oz cheese burger, tomato, slaw, onion rings,                                                 

toasted brioche bun and hand cut chips


Peri peri spiced southern fried chicken burger                                                                                                                                                                    

baby gem, tomato, cheese, hand cut chips


Grilled gammon steak, poached egg & pineapple                                                                                                                    

with sweet potato mash, and mixed leafs      +


Gnocchi, leek, mushrooms Stilton cream sauce and crispy leeks                                                                                                  

garlic bread    V


Buttercross belly pork, barbecue five beans & chorizo cassoulet, carrots crisps                                                                               

and fresh vegetables    +


Thai green vegetable curry, lemongrass scented jasmine rice                                                                                               

Thai prawn crackers, sweet chilli sauce     V+


Cherringtons flat iron steak (served pink!)                                                                                                                    

mushroom, tomato & hand cut chips   +


Homemade chicken jalfrezi, braised rice, poppadoms,                                                                                                

mini naan bread & mango chutney                                                              


Home made steak & kidney pie                                                                                                                             

choice of hand-cut chip or mash, fresh vegetables


Buttercross pork & Shropshire blue sausages   +                                                                                                  

bubble & squeak, rosemary, leek gravy and fresh vegetables















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